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about family link

Regional Early Intervention Collaborative

Who We Are

Family Link, Regional Early Intervention Collaborative (REIC) is one of four independent, non-profit organizations established in 1993 by the New Jersey lead agency, the Department of Health (DOH) to provide local-level leadership in the planning and coordinaton of the New Jersey Early Intervention System (NJEIS).

The REIC’s help facilitate access and availability of effective early intervention services through outreach and collaboration.  They are responsible for the regional System Point of Entry (SPOE) for referrals to the New Jersey Early Intervention System (NJEIS).  The REICs assist the lead agency (DOH) with data collection, child find/public awareness, family support and personnel development.

The REICs are committed to providing a family-centered, family-driven, community and culturally-sensitive system of early intervention services and supports.



Here at FLREIC our goal is to ensure that families of eligible children ages birth to three have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. Our objective is to provide support and information to enhance the knowledge and capabilities of all those wanting to make a difference in a child’s life.  

To achieve that mission we plan, implement and assist early intervention systems in our region that are family centered, community-based and culturally sensitive.  FLREIC provides training and technical assistance to families, early intervention providers and community stakeholders, coordinates a system of transition planning for children leaving the early intervention system, provides informal dispute resolution, and works to assure the timely availability of services and supports.

Get to know us

The Family Link Team

Susan Marcario

Executive Director


Karen Loaiza

Family Support Specialist


Nichole Gooding

Training and Technical Assistant Coordinator 


Cheryl Monteleone

Manager Referral Department


Theresa Mulstay

Data Analyst


Julie Kern

Administrative Assistant


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